The authors

Isabelle and Cécile are sisters.
Very different from one another, her complement each other marvelously.
The one likes handling the words and expresses herself by writing.
The other one likes handling the image and expresses herself by drawing...

Out of this complementation, was born this work.


Isabelle Meignant, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist is also a family and systemic therapist. Of psychoanalytical origin, formed in the psychodrama and in the geno-sociogram she works with the model of adaptive treatment of the information of Francine Shapiro, the EMDR since 2003 . Facilitator and supervisor of EMDR Europe, she is vice-president of the Association EMDR France, a professional association grouping together the practitioners.

Mother of two marvellous children, the idea of this book came to her whilst she tried to explain to her children the intrapsychique process which takes place during EMDR, during the acceptance of a traumatism.

She today has a private practice in Toulouse, and proposes training information in schools.


Cecile Meignant is a graphic designer/illustrator she likes expressing herself with all different sorts of techniques, she has used these skills in decorating theatres, websites, oil painting, photography, posters and logos from reality to the computer screen.

She is a passionate creator of her profession, and the world of image.

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